Miss Mary Jane says....

Remember the good ol' days before cell phones? How in the world did we ever muddle through without them? Sigh....those were the days. Is is me, or did things seem to move just a little bit slower? Well, Miss Mary Jane says to you "put down those cell phones" and breath a big sigh of relief. Even if it is for just a few moments. Why even MMJ is becoming too addicted to the darn thing. Forever carrying it as if it were another part of my body. Miss Mary Jane is going to make a challenge to you...she'll put hers away for an hour a day if you will.

TaTa for now and please remember to sit up straight and mind your manners. Especially when you've found new freedom in an hour's worth of silence.

Miss Mary Jane welcomes your questions, an invitation to your big event, hot gossip or the latest in new venues! Drop her a line.



miss mary jane
Miss Mary Jane is the alter-ego and better half of Sara West, owner of Capital City Events. (photo courtesy of Treasure Magazine)