Preferred Client Program

The Preferred Client Program is a mutually beneficial arrangement based upon signing an exclusive with CCE for an agreed time period for specific business such as the yearly corporate incentive or all of your company's business and social event planning needs. As a Preferred Client, you are rewarded for continued business by a reduction of CCE management fees.

Still Need More Reasons?

1. A Preferred Client has the added bonus of knowing that we become a true extension of their company - CCE becomes aware of personal preferences and knows instinctively what will be a good fit for the company and their employees.

2. By establishing a Preferred Client contract, there is less need for the client to constantly work with a new planning company who is learning by trial and error what works and what doesn't work for the company's individual needs.

3. The time spent in meetings is greatly lessened.

4. The events move forward with greater efficiency.

5. It's special to be Preferred.





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